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Page 51 of Page 34 of In a TBA Transaction, the buyer and seller agree upon general trade parameters such as agency, settlement date, par amount and price. Page 13 of The Commission raised concerns that the same might not be the case for an actively managed ETF, because the increased investment discretion of the adviser to an actively managed ETF would seem to increase the potential for conflicts of interest. Applicants do not expect portfolio turnover to have any significant impact on the tax efficiency or portfolio transaction costs of the Funds because the Funds expect to issue and redeem Shares primarily in exchange for the in-kind creation and redemption of.

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  • Application for an Order under Section 6(c) of the Investment Company Act ofas amended (“Act”) for an exemption from Sections 2(a)(32), 5(a)(1), 22(d).

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    images 40 app

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    Page 1 of sequentially numbered pages including exhibits.

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    Page 15 of Page 97 of Applicants will make every effort to structure the Funds in a way that would not favor creators, redeemers and arbitrageurs over retail investors buying and selling in the secondary market.

    Each Fund will issue, on a continuous offering basis, its Shares in one or more groups of a fixed number of Shares e. Page 38 of

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    40 app
    The Applicants request an exemption to.

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    As indicated above, each Fund will charge a Transaction Fee only to those investors purchasing and redeeming Creation Units of its Shares. As filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 2, Page 6 of Page 52 of The PPI Report expressed concern that: As described above, Applicants believe that the Trust and its Funds will offer a variety of benefits that will appeal to individual and institutional investors alike.

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    Page 13 of No sales charges for purchases of Creation Units of Shares of any Fund are contemplated.

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    Purchases Through the Shares Clearing Process. The principal secondary market for Shares will be the primary listing Exchange. Page 2 of

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    Moreover, the Applicants do not believe the scenario posed in the Concept Release of the NAV of the Shares increasing while the market price of those Shares decreases, or vice versa, is likely to occur.

    Page 37 of As long as a Fund operates in reliance on the requested order, the Shares of such Fund will be listed on an Exchange. By doing so, you help us keep our lights on!

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    Prices on an Exchange, therefore, may be below, at, or above the most recently calculated NAV of such Shares. Thus, although the Applicants have no present intention for a Foreign Fund to invest in these unsponsored listed ADRs, Applicants seek to reserve the ability for a Foreign Fund to hold these unsponsored listed ADRs in those situations where the use of these ADRs would otherwise benefit the Foreign Fund.

    The Applicants have considered the level of transparency in Portfolio Securities necessary to allow for efficient arbitrage activity in the Shares.

    Persons, Registered Structural Engineers and Registered Geotechnical Engineers.

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    APP Buildings Department. Practice Note for Authorized Persons.

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    Thanks for being Over40! Upon the deposit of the requisite Portfolio Deposit in payment for Creation Units placed through the Brokers, such Shares in Creation Units will be delivered to the purchasers thereof.

    The Applicants believe that a great deal of information will be available to prospective investors about the Funds. Russell Investment Management Company. In addition, like the Adviser, the Distributor has adopted a Code of Ethics as required by Rule 17j-1 under the Act that contains provisions reasonably necessary to prevent Access Persons as defined in Rule 17j-1 from engaging in any conduct prohibited by the rule. Applicants reserve the right to permit or require a purchasing investor to substitute an amount of cash or a different security to replace any prescribed Deposit Security.

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    In all cases, such Transaction Fees will be limited in accordance with requirements of the Commission applicable to management investment companies offering redeemable securities.

    Pursuant to Ruleto the extent that a Summary Prospectus is delivered, the statutory prospectus will be provided online, and will be sent upon request. The Applicants expect that the Shares, because they can be bought and sold continuously throughout the day, will appeal to tactical and other traders who prefer to buy and sell ETF shares as well as to those investors that are currently invested in conventional mutual fund shares, which can be bought and sold only at a price calculated.

    Such changes and variations will be effected by an amendment or supplement to the then-current registration statement for the Fund.


    1. Secondary market transactions in Shares occurring on an Exchange will be effected at negotiated prices, not on the basis of NAV. Page 88 of

    2. The Prospectus also will note that the prospectus-delivery mechanism provided in Rule is only available with respect to transactions on the listing Exchange. As noted above, Applicants intend to utilize in-kind redemptions to the maximum extent possible principally as a method of assuring the fullest investment of Fund assets in Portfolio Securities although cash redemptions, subject to a somewhat higher redemption Transaction Fee, are expected to be available or required in respect of certain.