App testing questionnaire

images app testing questionnaire

Often there will be dozens of variables you'll have to keep in mind when testing mobile apps. Go the whole nine yards: Is the app asking you to accept a camera permission on your minty test device? There should be no crashes and no loading animations going on forever. Ask yourself the following questions while testing the app:

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    But if you're doing exploratory testing what should you be looking for? Besides trying to break the app, consider these questions (inspired by.

    images app testing questionnaire

    The biggest problem with beta testing that mobile app developers and product managers report is not getting enough useful feedback. We define a beta test as the last testing stage before your app’s launch that targets real users.

    Reaching these objectives often means asking your. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE Please list any glitches, spelling/formatting errors, or parts of this app that were.
    Since this is impossible, especially in the case of heterogeneous ecosystems such as Android, you'll have to get smart about it, prioritize, and cover the largest possible chunk of the market.

    You think your app is ready for publishing? More bugs reported by the quality assurance team means fewer bugs reported by the end-user - and this makes everyone happy.

    Well, contrary to popular belief, the common user won't uninstall the app, clear out the cache, update and reset their OS prior to updating it. Introduce continuous testing under the radar and let your scripts do the talking on a couple of test devices you have lying around the office.

    What works on Android 6.

    images app testing questionnaire
    When testing a complex application, going through a set of dilligently written use cases is almost always a good practice.

    By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. New features should integrate smoothly with old ones, nasty bugs of yesteryear should stay out of sight and the app should behave as a polished whole. Stay in the loop.

    10 principles of successful app testing Infinum

    Is your app used for finding and buying tickets for jazz concerts?

    Our Mobile App Survey template gives you a way to survey your customers to better understand what they think about your app and app features. Check it out. Having a survey for your web app is super critical, because it lets you start a Many clients use us for applications like demand testing and usability testing. Mobile Application Usability Testing goals and objectives of the test; Research questions.
    Always reject the developer's attempts to woo you.

    Is the navigation simple and clearly laid out?

    images app testing questionnaire

    No crashes or freezes? Do some destructive testing. Usability testing is another cornerstone of mobile app testing and it is concerned with those parameters that are difficult to measure or categorize.

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    images app testing questionnaire
    App testing questionnaire
    Is it making me happy?

    So don't slack when testing is concerned, your business will thank you. Do some destructive testing. No crashes or freezes?

    Until now, The Capsized Eight mostly featured stories by people from the first category. Some might start the app offline; some might traipse into a tunnel or a basement and lose their connectivity; others might be plain stubborn and keep connecting and disconnecting from the internet.

    images app testing questionnaire

    Keep your devices close Let's paraphrase Fight Club's Tyler Durden and make one thing clear as day - the two most important rules when testing mobile apps are:


    1. Since this is impossible, especially in the case of heterogeneous ecosystems such as Android, you'll have to get smart about it, prioritize, and cover the largest possible chunk of the market. Always use more than one OS version.